Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to give our clients a viable solution for their problems which, in turn, enables them to focus on their own core business.

For us, a satisfied client always comes first, and is someone who comes back to us time and time again with confidence.

By fulfilling our mission, it enables us to create a corresponding level of economic worth and thus also be a stable and responsible employer. 

Our firm was established in 2009 with the distinct vision of offering consulting services in such a way  that we always manage to find a solution for a client’s problem and achieve the goal together, no matter how unrealistic or unattainable it seems.

We provide assistance to our clients in terms of the general orientation, expansion and performance of their legal duties, and we also present available solutions to smaller companies. 

By employing the motto, "we’ll reach the top together", we have been able to successfully implement our vision for the past seven years.  

Types of systems we use

In particular, we use modern cloud systems such as ESO 9, ATOLLON LAGOON and  REPORTING.CZ, which enable us to process a client’s data efficiently and to respond flexibly to the ever-increasing technological demands and requirements.

Our Team

Ing. Jan Brantl
Tax Advisory
Auditing Services
Ing. Milena Drábová
Tax Advisory